We are not medical experts on Vitamin D and the benefits of sunshine. However, customers do ask, so we decided to post a few links that are interesting and have been in the news lately. As always, check with your physician for any medical or health issues.


Sunshine Vitamin ‘Promotes Healthy and Graceful Aging’

A new in-depth article from wellness publication mindbodygreen outlines extensive research on vitamin D’s antioxidant properties that “support a long, happy healthy life.” “Without adequate levels of vitamin D, your body can’t utilize the vitamin when it’s needed—for...

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Memory, Learning and Sunlight: A new brain paradigm

Memory becomes a worry as humans age, and that worry has spawned a plethora of new anti-forgetfulness products. Based on recent research, we elucidate the manner in which sunlight stimulation of skin may influence important chemical reactions. These reactions improve...

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