Ergoline Sunrise 7200 Hybrid

Experience Hybrid Performance in a whole new light with the Ergoline Sunrise 7200 Hybrid. The eye-catching prismatic design draws your attention and the LED light show inspires. Combined with a unique mix of Red Light and UV lamps, this all new stand-up is sure to make a statement, inviting your customers to a whole new tanning experience. Beauty Light LED’s surround the facial area and with the Personal Sunstyle, users can reduce UV output during a session while maintaining the benefits of Red Light for the body and face. The 3D sound system with Bluetooth® connect transforms the Sunrise into a dance floor and the surround cooling plus ventilation delivers a fresh breeze from head to toe. All comfort settings are controlled by a simple touch of a button on the new, easy-to-use Smart Control Panel.

Welcome To the Sunrise 7200 Hybrid

Indulge Yourself in the Light

Hybrid Light is the unique combination of UV and Red Light to provide a new level of tanning and skin care results. Achieve a more natural looking tan and longer lasting results with Hybrid Light.

Beauty Light LED

The Perfect Blend.

A perfect session for the beauty-minded, Beauty Light LED’s allow for the ideal facial session, without UV. Creating the perfect glow and customization for your most discerning of customers, pair with light activated anti-aging products for the full effect.

Sunrise 7200 Hybrid Features

Enhanced tanning and skin care

Red Light and UV combined in harmony

Natural looking and longer lasting tan

Surround Cooling Plus

Designed to work better together in the same lamp

New level of tanning with beauty benefits

Personal Sunstyle provides a custom session at the touch of a button

Connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music



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Do you have questions about this service from Tan Club? To make it easier on you we have gathered the most commonly asked questions and made them available here. Just click on the below question to expand the answer.

What is Hybrid Performance?

 Hybrid Performance is the perfect combination of  Red Light and UV combined in the same session for  a more natual looking and longer lasting tan.  

How many sessions do I need before I start to see results?

 You will begin to see improved tanning results in as  little as one to three sessions.  

Can I select Red Light only for the face?

 The Prestige 1600 and Sunrise 7200 are the per- fect choices for a Red Light only facial session,  offering a fully customizable experience from UV  and Red Light in combination and can be adjusted  to Red Light only at any time. 

Is there special lotion for Hybrid Light?

 Yes! Specially formulated for use with Hybrid  Light, Fusion Hybrid Light has combinations of  high-end active ingredients and moisturizing  accelerators that leave your skin glowing from  head to toe.  

Who Should NOT use Hybrid by Ergoline?

  • If you are pregnant consult with your physician.  If you have an illness that causes light sensitivity.  If you have epilepsy and/or seizures. 
  • If you are on prescription or herbal medications that cause light sensitivity. 
  • Check with your doctor before using any tanning equipment or service. 
  • Please read carefully the warning labels located on the device. 

What is the the Personal Sunstyle and the diffe- rence between session choices?

Choose your session, from sensitive to intense.  Personal Sunstyle creates the ideal customization,  allowing customers to reduce UV while maintaining  the benefits of full-body Red Light. Obtain beautiful  color, all while choosing the session that is best  for you.
Level 1: Sensitive, 70% UV Output/ 100% Red Light
Level 2: Medium, 85% UV Output/ 100% Red Light
Level 3: Intense, 100% UV Output/ 100% Red Light

Ergoline Sunrise 7200 Hybrid

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