Tan Club has affordable and competitive pricing. Check us out. Customers can buy Single Sessions, One Month, 10-Sessions that never expire and you can share with another customer and of course our affordable Memberships.

Why Tan Club?

Being the most upscale tanning salon in Jefferson City, we provide our Customers the very best pricing and affordable options combined with the latest technology.

Are The Prices Special?

We offer Memberships so that Customers can maximize their benefits and receive exclusive discounts. Also, our Customers can choose from a single session, monthly package, or even share a 10 session package with friends.

Upgrades & Discounts?

If you are a student we offer a Student Discount. All you have to do is show us your ID annually for your discount.

Free First Tan

Now that you have heard about us, it’s time to try TAN CLUB for the very first time. Yes, it’s exactly what we said… you can come try us out for FREE! You must live in central MO, be at least 17 years of age, and offer is only valid in Club level UV beds.

Why? We believe once you try us….you’ll notice the difference and you will just keep coming back.

So come on in and give us a try. We are waiting for you! We will show you around and introduce you to TAN CLUB!